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Athletics Competitions Information and Sign Up

All athletes who wish to participate in SHGA events must be registered with SHGA.
Day Registration: Athletes who only wish to compete at ONE games in the year may pay a ‘single use’ fee instead of full registration at the following rates: Adult £4, Youth £2. This should be done on the day at the event not online. Insurance is not included and will not count towards leagues. Any further participation will require full registration at the standard rates.

Further details are available at:

Entry Fee

Competing athletes must ensure they inform ticket staff on arrival and purchase an ‘Athletics Competitor’ Wristband’. This costs £12 for adults and £6 for youths and covers all-day entrance to the Games and all events entered. Tickets can also be purchased in advance via the Ticket Page.

Races will start at 1300, approximate race times
Available Competitions:
1.      90 Metres Open Handicap (Youth*)
2.      90 Metres Open Handicap (Adult)
3.      90 Metres British Championship Open Scratch (Adult)
4.     200 Metres Open Handicap (Youth*)
5.     200 Metres Open Handicap (Adult)
6.     200 Metres Scottish Championship Open Scratch (Adult)
7.     800 Metres Open Handicap (Youth*)
8.     800 Metres Open Handicap (Adult)
9.     1600 Metres Open Handicap (Youth*)
10.   1600 Metres Open Handicap (Adult)
In youth races, the minimum age will be nine years of age and the maximum will be fifteen years of age, the exception being if a registered youth competitor reaches their 16th birthday after the first RSHGA member games of the season. Once having reached their 16th birthday they will then have the choice of either:
1/remaining a youth competitor until the end of the season or
2/ immediately moving up to compete in adult competition, and losing any league points already accrued during the season. If the youth athlete decides to move up to adult competition mid-season, they cannot then revert back to competing as a youth.

Prize Money

British Championship 90m Open Scratch Adults (£100, £70, £50, £30)
Scottish championship 200m Open Scratch Adults (£100, £70, £50, £30)
90m Open Handicap - Youths (£40, £25, £15, £10)
90m Open Handicap -Adults (£70, £50, £30, £20)
800m Open Handicap -Youths (£40, £25, £15, £10)
800m Open Handicap -Adults (£70, £50, £30, £20)
Primary Schools Relay – Under 12 years (£20, £10, £5, £3)
Secondary Schools / Youth Clubs & Sports Clubs Relay – Under 17 years (£20, £15, £10, £5)
200m Open Handicap – Youths (£40, £25, £15, £10)
200m Open Handicap – Adults (£70, £50, £30, £20)
1600m Open Handicap – Youths (£40, £25, £15, £10)
1600m Open Handicap - Adults (£70, £50, £30, £20) 

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